Dodo was an endemic bird living in the Indian Ocean.
It was a relative species with the pigeons. Eliminated due to the presence of people between 1660-1680.

Anastasia Siomou / Co founder

Natural wheat straws that respect the environment.


The Dodo is back again to proudly helps us replace the harmful plastic straw with the 100% natural Proud Dodo straws!

They are made from the wheat plant stalk, a part that is not used in the food production process.

Proud Dodo straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

They are water resistant and ready to use! They do not contain any added chemicals and have been fully checked on food safety by certified laboratories.

Naturally enjoy your coffee, drink, soft drink or thin juice!

The Dodo is proud for all of you that choose a natural alternative to the plastic straw!


Made in China, Tested and packaged in Greece

Responsibly tested by: Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI) and ARAL L.T.D.

GO GREEN: Proud Dodo Straw is fun, functional & Earth friendly!

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